The Guidance Counsellor within our school provides information, advice and support to our students throughout their time in St Angela’s. The role is to assist students in four main areas: Personal, Social, Academic and Career development.
Career Guidance:
The Guidance Counsellor aims to help students define their career choice and the route to achieving it. Career Modules and Career Classes are timetabled throughout the Senior Cycle (TY to 6th Year). Topics covered include - Study, Learning Styles, Time Management and Exam Preparation Interests, Aptitudes, Personality, Work Values and Skills Assessments Subject Choice – 1st Year and 3rd / 4th Year Change of subject or level Course and college choice All 3rd level applications eg. CAO, UCAS, PLC, FÁS/SOLAS etc. 3rd level finance Applications for 3rd Level Support Services  - DARE / HEAR / ACCESS etc. Employment trends CV preparation Interview skills and preparation Students’ self knowledge and decisions are aided though Aptitude Testing, Interest Inventories, IT Programmes, Career Investigation Worksheets, access to the Career Library and access to internet investigation. Visits to career events and colleges, presentations by speakers from colleges/industry/youth welfare and support groups are arranged throughout the year. One-to-one Career Appointments are available for all students.
This professional school service aims to work with individual students, or groups, on all types of issues including - Relationships Difficulties in adjusting to a new school Exam stress Identity Pregnancy Abuse – psychological, physical or sexual Bullying, Self Esteem and Peer Pressure Parental expectations Worry and Loneliness Bereavement and Loss Depression Self Harm Eating Disorders Drug and Alcohol use A caring and non-judgemental atmosphere is provided to help students cope with their circumstances and approach their lives with confidence. Students are free to make appointments, or be referred by teachers or parents. All students should feel free to approach me to avail of one-to-one appointments regarding any issue. Parents are very welcome to contact me at school anytime if they have concerns about their daughter. Ms. Gallagher