Elections for the Board of Management take place every three years in October. The current Board took office in October 2015 and consists of:


Chairperson:      Ms Patricia Carey

Secretary:          Pat Curran

For the Trustees:    Sr. June Fennelly, Sr. Elizabeth Bradley and Melissa Gowan

For the Parents:      Michael O Connell and Barry Crowley

For the Teachers:    Ann Galvin and Geraldine McDonald



Members of the Board do not act in a representative capacity as the Board is required to function as a corporate body. The Principal acts as Secretary to the Board and is entitled to attend and speak at meetings but does not have a vote

The Ursuline Sisters, as Trustees, delegate to the Board of Management responsibility for the conduct, management and financial administration of the school in accordance with the ethos of the Order and under their general supervision and control.

The Board meets approximately every six weeks throughout the school year. All items of correspondence for the Board must be addressed to the Chairperson in advance of the Board’s next scheduled meeting.