St. Angela’s believes that teaching and learning should take place in a safe and caring environment, free from fear and intimidation. Bullying behaviour will not be tolerated.

Each pupil has a right to:

  • Learn in safety and dignity
  • Be free of insult or derogatory remarks
  • Be free to make friends
  • Be confident in the safety of her possessions

Each teacher has a right to:

  • Be treated with courtesy and respect
  • Teach in an atmosphere free of interruptions and distractions

Students must not:

  • Use any form of violence against each other
  • Put pressure on anybody to do something they may not wish to do
  • Isolate, exclude or deliberately ignore other pupils
  • Name call or slag
  • Make abusive phone calls or send abusive messages
  • Write insulting remarks or comments on boards or websites, or send same by text or e-mail
  • Pass insulting notes or drawings about others
  • Damage or interfere with personal property
  • Engage in any form of harassment or intimidation

Any incidence of bullying behaviour should be reported immediately to any member of the anti-bullying team or to a trusted adult.

Pupils who report bullying behaviour are not telling tales – they are behaving responsibly.

Please view our full anti-bullying policy