Welcome to the St Angela’s College Parents Council Webpage.

The Parents Council is a long-established part of our school community. Teamwork, respect and the pursuit of excellence are guiding principles of our school’s Parents Council.

The Parents Council acts on behalf of the parents of students presently attending St Angela’s College. It is a vital and valued link between the School and the parents of the students and plays a key role in the life of the School. The Parents Council works in partnership with the College authorities and the other College councils to promote a happy and caring community where students are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential.

An active Parents Council is essential to the effective running of our school.  It is the primary route through which the parent voice is expressed, and is also the main forum at which parents are involved in the formation of school policies. As a result, the Parents Council has a direct impact on your daughter’s experiences here in St Angela’s College.

The principle aim of the Council is to promote the interests of the students in St Angela’s College, in co-operation with the Board of Management, Principal, teachers and students. To this end, the Parents Council, in co-operation with all members of the school community:

  1. Arranges activities that promote friendship, diversity and empathy. For example, the annual ‘sleepover’ for the 1st year students aims to help them to build relationships in a supervised, fun and relaxed atmosphere. This involves the students sleeping overnight in the school and enjoying a range of activities that are supervised by the Parents Council.
  2. Provides parental feedback on school policies that are under review by the Board of Management.
  3. Provides general feedback to the Principal and to the Board of Management on matters that are of general concern to parents.
  4. Manages and supports fund-raising for extra extra-curricular school activities and equipment through regular collections and other activities. These funds are spent on student activities and equipment that are approved by the school Principal, under the guidance of the school Board of Management.
  5. Organises events of relevance and interest to parents, such as student and parent welfare talks.
  6. Provides support and advice to new parents to the school, in addition to the school’s formal supports. This may include information evenings, talks and informal get togethers.
  7. Provides additional manpower and supervision for activities run by the staff of the college.
  8. Facilitates the nomination and election of the parent representatives to the Board of Management.

The Parents Council is made up of non-elected volunteers who wish to support the educational development of their daughters. Each year at the Parents Council AGM a steering committee is formed which comprises of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and additional Committee members.  The Committee meets regularly to discuss issues of concern and to plan events.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to join the Parents Council and attend meetings.



If you would like to join or contact the Parents Council to raise any issues/concerns, you may do so at: parentscouncil@stangelascollege.ie.



Parents Council 2020-2021:

  • Chairperson: Paul Stokes
  • Secretary: Sally Cudmore
  • Treasurer: Finola O Riordan


There will be regular updates from the Parents Council on this site.