• Transition Year was introduced into the school programme in 1996.
  • Transition Year is optional in St Angela’s College.
  • Between 85% and 95% of our Junior Certificate students take up the Transition Year option.
  • They are divided into 3 or 4 base classes.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that the inclusion of a fourth year in the secondary school cycle gives the student a more rounded education;
  • It offers her a chance to mature and develop socially, intellectually and emotionally;
  • It enables her to explore options, which would not otherwise be normally open to her;
  • It allows her to build for herself a more solid foundation before proceeding to a Leaving Certificate programme.

Our Aim is to encourage the student:

  • To be more confident and secure;
  • To be more caring and sensitive to the needs of others;
  • To develop study and time management skills;
  • To improve her ability to communicate effectively;
  • To enhance her skills in analysis and critical thinking;
  • To develop creativity and to acquire new aptitudes, interests or skills;
  • To consider carefully her future career orientation;
  • To strive to ensure good physical and mental health;
  • To become more inquisitive and aware of the world around her.

Transition Year website: www.tystangelas.weebly.com